Small Group Classes

The small group classes offered at Sit Means Sit Casper are designed for pet owners who enjoy being directly involved in every step of the training process. These classes teach basic obedience and commands, and offer the opportunity for dogs to work on their socialization skills.

Basic Manners/Puppy Preschool:

Basic Manners is a reward based motivational group training program for dogs ages 4 1/2 months and up. Topics include, but may not be limited to, potty training, age training, classical and operate conditioning, and a variety of basic commands , all designed to help you create a happy, well-mannered, and obedient dog.

Puppy Preschool is a positive leash and treat group class designed for puppies ages 10 weeks to 4 1/2 months. Topics include, but may not be limited to, potty/house training, how to stop play biting, controlling chewing before it gets destructive, and laying the foundation for good manners and obedience with commands such as "sit", "stay" , and "come".
• NO Prerequisite courses required for this class
• Dogs must be people/dog friendly - Aggressive dogs may unfortunately be asked to leave. Call us if you are unsure if group is a good fit for your dog.

- Class includes 1 Training Seminar, 4 Group Classes, and 1 Private Lesson 
- Group Class with Dogs
- Call Today to Register and Schedule Your Lesson - 307-251-7784

Specialty Group Classes

All of the specialty and advanced off leash training classes offered by Sit Means Sit Casper are available exclusively to our private lesson and immersion clients only. Interested in one of our specialty training classes but not yet a private lesson client? Looking for more information about training techniques and our performance guarantee? Call us today for a FREE consultation: 251-7784.

Introduction to the Sit Means Sit Smart Collar Group Class:

This class will serve as a transitional step for clients who have just completed their private or immersion training programs, and will help build confidence in implementing the Sit Means Sit methods. This class will serve as a pre-requisite to the Intermediate and Advanced Off-Leash Classes and other specialty classes.

Intermediate Group Classes:

The Intermediate Group Class is the next step in the Sit Means Sit Smart Collar Classes. Here clients and their dogs take their training up a notch by learning how to respond positively in real-life situations while off leash. Builds on skills learned in the intro class. Available to those who have graduated from the Introduction to the SMS Smart Collar Class.

Advanced Group Classes:

• Advanced Group: Classes held at our facility. Call to register and for more information 307-251-7784. Must have instructor approval to join.