Featured Customer

 Sally Mosier

After struggling to help our shelter dog (who had obviously been mistreated) adjust to "life on the outside," we turned to Sit Means Sit. The staff at SMS transformed him, and I choose that word deliberately, into a new dog. I really do believe we would have had to return him to the shelter without SMS.

Sally Mosier

Happy Customer

Happy Customers

When we adopted Otto our 7 year old schnoodle he was friendly and loving but would destroy everything when he was left alone and is very overly attached since starting this training he has learned his boundaries and I have learned how to set them and he is all the happier because of it. We still have a lot of work to do but I know the team at sit means sit will continue to help with our future hurdles.

Hannah Hout

We have never had a better trained dog! Garrett came to our house when Bea was a little pup to ensure we were on the right path and continues to help us through group classes! It is worth every penny!!!

Christi Pilutik

Loves Sit Means Sit! They trained my pup and he is such a wonderful boy and knows his stuff. They give you the basics to grow from and it is soooo easy. My older lab they helped bring her out of her shell and she is so laid back and enjoys learning new things now. They stand behind their work and any time I have a question, need help, or heck just need a day where the fur babies can go play they are always there! Recommend them over anyone!


Always kind and willing to work with us and our dog. Our dog responds well to this method of training and gets so excited when we work on something.

Susan Milmont

We Love Sit Means Sit we sent our 8 month old german shepherd Tank to them and it was the best thing we could have ever done he came back a whole new dog!!! Tank goes to his weekly classes and is doing great would recommend sit means sit to any one wanting to train there dog!!!!

Danielle Sansoucie-Pfendler

Garrett and Kristina are truly passionate about what they do and take excellent care of our dogs. The dogs look forward to seeing them and don't look back when they load up so I know they are happy. I would recommend these people to anyone. Money well spent.

Angelo Aguilar

We used sit means sit for our lab that was animal aggressive, it was the best thing for her. We did the board and train and they sent us updates constantly. We are very pleased with how she handles other animals. We can go to Morad and let her off leash, we could not do that before the training.

Shayne Thayer

Never been so impressed with a company in my life! Two training sessions in and I already have a totally different dog! Worth every single penny :) not to mention the staff is incredible!

Amanda Kornegay

Top notch training, top notch people!

Andy Westman

I called them because of the free demo, left with the dog I wanted but didn't know how to get, amazing experience all around.

Lukas Miller

Training for the real world. Sit Means Sit walks the walk, talk is cheap. The best gift you can give you dog and yourself.

Neil Cohen

You cannot go wrong with Sit Means Sit! They get results that are based on real world training.

Colby Self

Best training hands down......free demo.....lifetime training for your dog!

Adrian Pilutik

Call for a free demo. Talk is cheap, let them show you what they can do.

Michael Homan