Sit Means Sit Services Overview

Sit Means Sit Services Overview

Is your dog driving you CRAZY? We can help. We can train any dog - yes, even yours! - any age, any breed.

Read below to learn more about our puppy and adult dog training programs. We can help with any of the following challenges:

•Puppy Obedience
•Car Manners
•Dock dogs (In a competition pool and dock. The pool is 21' x 40' with a 40' deck)
•Jumping up on guests
•Aggressive Behavior towards others and dogs
•Come when called
•Leash pulling
•Basic and Advanced Obedience
•Boundary Training
•House Breaking
•Play Biting
•Any and alol ther behavioral issues!

Immersion Programs (Board & Train)

Imagine having a dog that is a joy to be around, one that responds to your every command, regardless of distractions or environments: a dog that garners compliments everywhere he goes. Now imagine having all of that, and having the work done for you! Sit Means Sit Casper clients who choose our popular Immersion Programs receive the countless benefits of having their dog trained by a certified professional trainer, all while they’re away at work or on a well-deserved vacation.

The Immersion Program is ideal for an active family or individual who wants to be involved with their pet’s learning process, but due to their busy schedule, needs a little bit of help in the beginning stages of training. Your dog will return home from training school joyfully responding to your every command, even in the presence of heavy distractions, and you, the owner, will learn how to maintain your dog’s excellent behaviors through “Leadership Transfer” private lessons. That’s what Sit Means Sit Casper Immersion Programs are all about, and it all begins with a simple, FREE consultation.

Private Lessons

Private Lessons

These one-on-one lessons are ideal for active families or individuals who want to be directly involved in their dog's training from start to finish. There are several benefits to private lessons. First, you get 100% of the trainer's attention: it is just you, your dog and the trainer. No other clients will be around to create distractions during your session. Second, these lessons are personally tailored around your family, your dog, your lifestyle and your goals. Your trainer works with you to develop a program based on your dog's temperament and personality (because what works for a Chihuahua will not work for a Great Dane!). Third, these lessons can be scheduled to work around your busy schedule by offering evening and weekend appointments. We are flexible and want to help you succeed! Finally, private lessons can meet specific goals you would like to see your dog reach. Imagine spending time with your dog hiking on the mountain or swimming at the lake, walking peacefully along the river, or just playing ball off-leash in the park. You can have all of this and more by investing in private lessons. It all starts by calling us today for your FREE consultation.

Small Group Classes

Small Group Classes

Our Small Group Classes here at Sit Means Sit Central Wyoming are designed for families who enjoy being directly involved in every step of the training process. Group classes offer the benefit of socializing with other dogs and owners, and working around distractions. The classes are kept small to make sure each dog and their owners are able to get personal attention without getting lost in a large group. Each course covers a comprehensive range of topics designed to help you create a well- mannered, happy, and obedient dog. Visit our Classes page for more information on current and upcoming group classes.

Advanced & Specialty Classes

Take your dog's training to the next level with our advanced and specialty classes! These are available exclusively to clients who have gone through our private lesson or immersion programs. These classes are incredibly popular with our clients and include:

- Advanced Off-Leash Obedience Class: Teach your dog to be off leash

- Dog Tricks 101 & 201: Learn unique, fun and impressive tricks like high five, shake, & reverse walking up the stairs.

- Trails and Tails: Teach your dog how to behave while out on the trail.

Board & Review

Have a trip coming up? Want to get away for the weekend but don't know what to do with your dog? Clients who have already had their dog complete a Sit Means Sit private or immersion program can take advantage of our Board & Review training. It allows your pet's training to be fine-tuned while you're away. During Board & Review, your dog will be under the constant supervision of our certified professional trainers, getting the best of training and play time. Included in Board and Review are daily exercise and training sessions to keep your dog's skills fresh until you return. Dogs must have graduated from a Sit Means Sit program to qualify.

When you bring your dog to K-9 Corral Your Pets One Stop Shop, rest easy knowing that we'll keep your best friend entertained and jumping for joy all the way from breakfast 'til bedtime! Our new Casper, WY, facility offers area pet owners a complete daycare and overnight boarding service at some of the most competitive pricing in town. Additionally, K-9 Corral Your Pets One Stop Shop is proud to provide the highest level of dedicated attention available, so you can enjoy your time while at work or away on vacation knowing your pup is in the best possible care.